I’m James Tuschner, founder of AG Track Talk.

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My passion is the Ag Tire & Track business. After being in the tire business for over 25 years, associating with tracks for the past 7, I still wake up every day looking forward to learning more, along with associating with counterparts I think are some of the finest people on earth:  Farmers, Tire Dealers, Track Dealers and Equipment Dealers.

I hope the information you find in this blog will provide the answers you are looking for to more effectively run your operation.

All Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, with whom all things are possible.

All information is provided in this blog solely to provoke thought. All deductions made from information on this site must be confirmed by Certified Ag Track Dealer before use. Ag Track Talk does not recommend anyone conduct track service work with exception of Certified Ag Track Dealer Professionals.